February 5, 2017

Today the overall news remains good: white blood counts have peaked and begun to head back down to normal levels. This should make room for the hemoglobin and platelets to again rise towards where they ought to be. Doctors are still talking about a potential discharge from the hospital sometime this week, though we don’t know yet whether that would be early or late in the week.

The downer of the day is that I had a really hard time sleeping last night, and then didn’t feel like doing much of anything other than sleep all day today (Sunday). It’s just about bedtime for me now, and hopefully I can get into a more normal cycle again. If you’ve been missing messages, updates, or calls back from me that’s why: nothing but sleeping going on. Tomorrow should be a bit more active; I’ll try to return calls and such.

Today’s great joy was that Aurora and Audrey got to visit me, enter my room, and snuggle up on my lap for a while around mid-day. That was the first time we had had full contact in thirteen days. I look forward to lots more of it.

Sleepily (and still optimistically),


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