Getting Back Into Things

My cancer-induced pause from public speaking lasted longer than I expected.

Two years ago, I had just reached a state of full remission from leukemia. I still got arsenic trioxide infusions five days each week, and I still had about two months left before I would return to work. I really did not know how long it would take to get back to a semblance of my previous “normal.”

It was probably around November of 2017 that I was truly working full-time again.

It was November 2018 that I managed to return to independent consulting, after a couple years as a large-corporation employee (albeit, at a very good large corporation, as such things go!).

Today, it pleases me to report that my conference pause finally comes to an end this week. I just arrived in Nashville for the deliver:Agile2019 conference, where I will co-host a workshop with my dear friend and colleague Amitai Schleier. If you’re here at the conference it would delight me to see you in our session Wednesday morning.

Next month, I also host a programming workshop, this one at Agile & Beyond in Detroit.

It already feels really good to be back with the community, in the capacity that I enjoy. I look forward to more of that—and more software-realted posts here on this blog—in the future.