February 3, 2017

We’ve been less than stellar at keeping status posts up to date around here, so here’s a summary:

I am still in the hospital, and have been since last Monday (1/23).

Most of the time I have been on some level of isolation status, party because my immune system has been so compromized, and partly because I came down with Influenza shortly after arriving. This has meant that nurses and visitors alike had to wear surgical masks in order to enter my room, and I have not been able to leave the room at all. Because both Aurora and Audrey have had colds the whole time, I have not actually been able to hug or even touch them since arriving here. That has easily been the hardest part for me. A couple days ago Tricia Silpala also fell ill, so we have also been relegated to video chats as our main means of contact.

Today’s great news: those restrictions have both been lifted. I look forward to my first walk in the halls shortly after I send this message. Alas, I still don’t get to have visits from sick people, but simply escaping the room now and then will make a world of difference.

The bigger great news is that, thus far, my body has been responding perfectly to the treatment. No pain. No nausea. No side-effects. My blood counts are all creeping steadily higher as the days go by. More than likely this means that the treatment is working, and my bone marrow is again able to produce some fresh blood cells for my body to use. Energy and immunity are both on the rise; proper blood clotting should follow very soon.

Once my platelet counts reach a certain threshold I will be allowed to leave the hospital and continue my treatment and recovery from home. Currently things are on track for that to happen some time next week.

In short, I count myself extremely fortunate. Cancer can hit anyone, any time. I did not expect it to hit me; but then no one does. It hit me in a form with high treat-ability and low discomfort. It hit me at a time when I have employment with insurance, disability pay and a strong support system. It hit me at a time when I have family and friends crawling out of every corner to offer their help, thoughts, prayers, spells, regards, comfort, company, and so many other things that help just by showing their presence. It hit me in a way that my body was well-positioned to fend off, and it hit me when I lived near a hospital with an outstanding Oncology staff, who have given me outstanding care all the way through. I literally have nothing to complain about where this is concerned; for that I am deeply thankful.

I will endeavor to keep posting updates as new information arrives. Many, many thanks to all who have expressed their concerns and wishes. It really does help.

With love and smiles,


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