Quitting Time

After a deep, honest look at myself and my lifestyle, I have decided to make a big change, beginning tomorrow. Sure—in the early days, that arsenic trioxide killed the cancer cells in my blood and bone marrow. Recently, though, all it seems to do is make me feel exhausted and sometimes queasy. I can do without that habit, and I hereby pledge that after today’s infusion, I am getting off of the sauce and back onto the wagon.

It’s true: today I had my final chemo infusion. On my way out of the clinic I got to ring the I’m-all-done bell, and got hugs from multiple clinic staff members. Most patients come in weekly or less. My regimen of five-days-a-week made me a very familiar presence there.

After nine and a half months of life arranged around leukemia, I find it a bit surreal to think that my treatment has completed. Wow. Now the process of true recovery can begin. We’ll see how long it takes to regain something like my normal strength and energy. However long that is, I look very much forward to it.

Here’s hoping that the path is relatively smooth.


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