I have a company, which has the outrageously creative name of Silpala Software, LLC.

I also have and do work through other companies. Most recently these have included Target Corp and Chikli Consulting.

What do I do?

For the non-IT person: I do software, and software teams. I love the process and practice of building software which wins on all sides: great for the people who use it; enjoyable and satisfying for the developers; profitable for the companies who pay for it. I lean strongly into the ways of the Agile movement, and particularly the Extreme Programming (aka XP) sub-movement within it.

For someone already in the software field: I have played and enjoy playing many roles in the production of software. Mostly I work as a programmer, as a coach, or as a blend of the two. I have also worn the hats of architect, product owner, and scrum master.

Just as Spike Lee (I think?) once said “it’s all moviemaking” when asked whether he most enjoyed acting, writing, directing, or producing, I have passion for the many acts of making software in a team setting.

As part of that passion, I also enjoy teaching and speaking. Somewhat less directly, that’s also part of “making great software and great software teams.” If I inspire others to find joy, to improve, or even just to try new things, then I am contributing to their teams and their software.