March 2, 2017

Briefly, today:

No hospital! Tricia managed to get up without waking me, so I nearly slept in and got to take the morning easy. Still got up for goodbye hugs before the girls went off to school, though. 🙂

I felt quite tired all day, which I suppose isn’t surprising. It’s just my first day without an in-flow of toxins. Interestingly, my muscle cramping was significantly worse today than before. It treated it with a long bath of epsom salts (thank you, Krisha!), which helped a bit.

Minnesota was again chilly today, but I still managed an hourlong walk in the late morning.

We had date night tonight, during which we did our usual low-key option: a quiet dinner and time together at Studio 2 Café. While there I even drank my first beer since being hospitalized. I do not plan to make that a habit, but it sure tasted good after the long break.

That’s about all I have to report on the day. Sometimes boring is good. 🙂


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