February 28, 2017

Mixed news today.

Sad part: I am still neutropenic. Precautions stay in place for at least another day.

Good part 1: I am still able to get my infusion, so at least today the neutropenia isn’t setting back my treatment schedule. The infusion is in progress right now as I type this.

Good part 2: The bone marrow extraction this morning was way faster and way less painful than the one in January—amazingly so. As it turns out, the Nurse Practitioner who usually does most of the extractions was on vacation in January, so I got it from an MD (Medical Doctor) who isn’t as well practiced at it. The RN was back today; the procedure was fast and impressively close to pain-free.

Sad part 2: I noticed this morning that one of our cats, Schmutzig (yes, that’s her name) had blood in her urine. We may have two patients in the house soon. 🙁

Nap time. Then we head home to my bedroom enclave.


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