February 16, 2017

Today I was just slightly less tired than yesterday, which was nice. We went in for my daily chemotherapy infusion again, and again it went smoothly. While there we also caught up with Melanie, one of our fave nurses from my inpatient days. That was fun.

Most of the day went to napping, with a few bits of eating and doing little things around the house. Somehow these days at home seem to go by much more quickly with much less “stuff” happening than my days in the hospital. I expected exactly the opposite.

In the afternoon I surprised a lot of people by actually showing up with Tricia for a meeting of the Barton Leadership Council, which is a crew of parents, teachers and principals who lead and advise on several aspects of the community around Clara Barton Open School. That’s where Aurora and Audrey both attend. Also, it’s a totally awesome school. But I digress.

My plan had been to at least make an appearance at the meeting, and likely to leave early when I ran out of energy. As it turned out, I found the conversations engaging from start to finish, and by closing my eyes a lot of the time I managed to keep my mind active and focused for the two-hour duration. It felt really good to be back into something normal after all the not-normal of my recent weeks. Also, the whole council were wonderful in their expression of support and love. I’m pretty sure I got more hugs tonight than in all other leadership council meetings combined. 🙂 They also managed to circulate a get-well card around the room—during the meeting—without my noticing until it was all filled out at the end. Thank you, council members! That was a really sweet and touching surprise.

That’s about all for today. More tomorrow—and hopefully another small increase in my energy level.


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