February 7, 2017

Today my energy was up a little bit, which suggests that yesterday’s lower hemoglobin count had something to do with the fatigue—and yesterday’s blood transfusion helped to relieve it. My platelets took another little downward turn as well, so I also got a fresh transfusion of those today. A couple of nurses and Tricia and I have a betting pool going on what my platelet counts will be in tomorrow’s measurement. I hope I lose the bet, because I made the lowest wager. In any event I look forward to higher platelet counts so I can shave again without fear of excessive bleeding (yes, even from my silly electric shaver!).

I have now been in the hospital for just over two weeks, which is a pretty weird thing. Despite the little setbacks in numbers I mentioned above, all is still on track in the big picture. The doctors remain optimistic that I’m on my way to a full recovery. For now it’s mostly just a waiting, watching and wishing game. It also surprises me how the days go by without much seeming to happen. On a normal “sick day” at home I could easily sit through two movies as a way to pass the time. The best I’ve done so far in the hospital is a single movie in a day, even though I don’t seem to be doing much else.

One lovely development, though: we seem to be getting into a routine where Tricia brings the kids over right after school gets out at 2:00 PM, and we have a couple hours of just “regular” family time in my hospital room. Today it was card games: Go Fish followed by Old Maid. And lots of hugs. And lots of “I hope you come home soon, Daddy” too. They also taught me that what I thought of as a hospital bed—once the proper buttons are located and pressed—is actually a super-fun kid ride. This is a routine I can definitely live with for as long as I’m here. 🙂

Today being Tuesday, we had a babysitter at home with the kids (you ROCK, Lauren!), and Tricia brought some take-out dinner to my room for our weekly Date Night. Hospital rooms aren’t the most romantic of venues, and we were both pretty well exhausted. Despite that, it was wonderful to get a little time to just be together and process some of this strangeness without having to break up any kid fights. World Street Kitchen delivered on the culinary goods, to boot.

And that, as they say, is that. Another day of good outlook in strange circumstances. I continue to be amazed by the outpouring of love and support from seemingly every direction, and I send out heartfelt thanks to each and every gesture—no matter how large or small. They all make a difference.

Good night.


Aurora and Audrey show me what my bed is really for.

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